Capacity Building and Expert Assistance in Relation to Communication, Environment and Energy
Policy measure

The Danish consultant agency COWI has trained staff from the Federation of Egypt Industries, the Environmental Compliance Office and private Egyptian consulting firms to train consulting enterprises on how to introduce cleaner production (CP), energy management systems, energy efficiency and related services (COWI, 2010).

The targeted industrial sectors were: chemical, engineering, food, foundry and textiles.


The training covered (COWI, 2010):

-    Assessment of industries' environmental performance.

-    Assessment of cleaner technology options to be implemented.

-    Training methodology and reporting.

-    Communication and marketing.

-    Environmental management systems.

-    Occupational safety and health.

-    Energy efficiency.

No identified challenges.

According to COWI (2010), 50 enterprises in five different sectors have received Danida loans to implement cleaner technology and energy efficient solutions. These solutions are show-cases for other companies in their sectors.


COWI, 2010. SMEs Improve Environmental Performance in Egypt. Available at: