Dewan Energy Nasional (DEN)
Policy measure

In 2008, the Government of Indonesia established a high-level multi-stakeholder National Energy Council for energy, the so-called Dewan Energy Nasional (DEN). Compared to a previously installed planning commission, the DEN is chaired by the president, which gives it the influence to make substantive improvements in the coordination of energy policy (USAID, 2008).


To date DEN has conducted the following activities (National Energy Board, 2010):

  • “Held sessions to consolidate the organization's members and has yielded DEN VISION, MISSION and administration of DEN.

  • Formulated of national energy policy and has produced the current frame of reference that summarizes the ideas will be included in KEN, and has formed working group that produced the draft manuscript and draft design academic KEN.

  • Prepared draft guidelines for the preparation of the General Plan for National Energy and Energy General Plan Area

  • Conducted studies energy issues cross-sectoral nature,

  • Absorbed the aspirations of stakeholders in the energy sector of society and industry.”


According to USAID (2008), the development of clean energy in Indonesia is hampered by the multitude of governmental agencies which have jurisdiction over different aspects of the energy sector. Specifically, the overlap in responsibilities and poor coordination between the agencies causes problems.

No identified outcomes.

USAID (US Agency for International Development), 2008. Indonesia Energy Assessment. Washington, DC.