National Energy Conservation Programme
Policy measure

According to Guţu and Răileanu (2009), the area of energy efficiency has received some attention in Moldova and several agencies and departments under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce deal with this particular subject. These include, e.g., the General Department for Energy Security, the Department for Power, the Cooperation of Power Systems, the Department for Gasification and Energy Resources and the Department for Thermal Energy. Furthermore, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) and the National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANCE) play an important role in this area.


The specific objectives of the strategies and programmes in the area of improving energy efficiency include implementing the National Energy Conservation Programme 2003-2010 which is extended and updated every two years. This programme takes account of the European Community’s strategies and standards aiming at increasing energy efficiency by using equipment which conforms with the EU’s legal standards on energy efficiency (Guţu and Răileanu, 2009).

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Guţu, A. and Răileanu, V., 2009. Industrial Energy Efficiency in Moldova. Available at: