National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME)
Policy measure

L’Agence Nationale pour la Maitrise de l’Energie (ANME) or the National Agency for Energy Conservation was created in 1985 under the Tunisian Ministry of Industry and Energy (MOIE) with the objective to implement the state policy in the field of energy conservation (ANME, 2011).


According to the World Bank (2004), all energy efficiency programmes and initiatives in Tunisia are channelled through ANME.

ANME's activities are (ANME, 2011):

  • “Participation in the design and implementation of national energy conservation programs.

  • Conducting prospective and strategic studies, as well as those related to mitigating GHG emissions due to energy use.

  • Management of the National Energy Conservation Fund (FNME) which represents a comprehensive incentive mechanism in support of energy conservation actions, thus ensuring their implementation as well as their sustainability.

  • Proposing the legal and legislative framework related to energy conservation.

  • Granting tax and financial incentives.

  • Design and implementation of awareness-raising, information, education and training actions.

  • Assistance in research & development, and technical demonstration.

  • Fostering the development and promotion of energy conservation and encouraging investment in this sector.”

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