Decree on Energy Management System Provisions
Policy measure

According to the IEA’s energy efficiency database (2011), the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) issued a Decree in November 1995 providing for measures concerning energy management in industrial plants with an annual energy consumption exceeding 2000 toe of energy per year.


The following energy management system provisions are included in the Decree (IEA, 2010):

  • “Plants consuming over 2000 toe of energy are required to nominate an Energy Control Committee and set up an energy management system; smaller plants should nominate an Energy Manager.

  • The managers of these plants must complete energy audits within three years. The results of the audits must be submitted to the National Energy Conservation Centre (NECC).

  • These plants should take the measures, adapted in co-operation with NECC, to improve energy efficiency during operations and to take into account this objective when the plants are expanded or modernised.

  • The plants should monitor the results of the measures and report annually to NECC on the evolution of energy savings for the plant's three main products.

  • NECC will either organise professional training or give authorisation to organisations for training at these plants.”

No identified challenges.

IEA (2011) reports, that approximately 500 out of a total of 600 plants have appointed energy managers in accordance with the regulation. In total, “these plants represent approximately 70% of the country's total industrial energy consumption.”


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