Task Force on IGCE (Large Energy Consuming Industries)
Policy measure

According to ANME (2011), the Task Force on IGCE (Large Energy Consuming Industries) was set up by ordinance in 2005 by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Small and Medium Enterprises. The Task Force is composed of representatives from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Small and Medium Enterprises (MIEPME), the National Electricity and Gas Distribution Utility (STEG), the National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME), together with national and international experts.

The Task Force was formed “to identify the energy saving potential in the Large Energy Consuming Industries (IGCE), and to deploy the measures necessary for a rapid mobilisation of this potential and creating a sustained dynamics of energy efficiency in such industries” (ANME, 2011).


To deliver its mandate the Task Force (ANME, 2011) provides proximity and coaching services to enterprises and harnesses the incentives programmes established by the State: the National Energy Conservation Fund (FNME); the Upgrading Program (PMN); and the Project of Energy Efficiency in Industry (PEEI).

The technical assistance activities include (ANME, 2011):

  • “The collecting and reviewing of relevant information;

  • Drafting policy and position papers on priority topics such as energy efficiency;

  • Providing coordination assistance among relevant ministries.”  

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ANME (National Energy for Energy Conservation), 2011. Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector. Available at: www.anme.nat.tn/index.asp?pId=157.