Energy Van
Policy measure

The Energy Foundation, a non-profit, private sector institution, devoted to the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy, launched the so-called Energy Van in March 2004, thus increasing its capacity in providing energy solutions (EF, 2006).


According to EF (2006), the Van has a stock of various energy diagnostics and measuring instruments such as:

  • Power analyzer.

  • Clamp on power/data logger.

  • Ground resistance & resistivity tester.

  • Motor tester.

  • Infrared thermometers.

  • Occupancy data loggers.

  • On-off Data Loggers.

  • Combustion efficiency gas analyzers.

  • Compressed air leak detectors.

  • RPM dounter.

  • Stroboscope.

  • Ultrasonic leak detector.

  • Light meter.

  • Digital distance measure.

  • Set of mechanical tools

No identified challenges.

The Energy Van provides the Energy Foundation “on-site capacity at Ghanaian companies, to conduct measurements and data analysis and interpretation to provide quick and reliable energy management services to an increased number of businesses including small to medium scale enterprises (SMEs). To gain further advances in capacity building in the energy management sector, the van is available to registered Energy Services Companies (ESCO’s) on rental basis.” (EF, 2006)


EF (Energy Foundation), 2006. Energy Van Service. Available at: