Ghana Energy Foundation
Policy measure

According to Ghana Energy Foundation (n.d.), it has, for the past two years, “been promoting energy management and conservation measures in the industrial sector with the aim of creating awareness of the benefits of good housekeeping and energy management practices, monitoring and targeting of energy consumption and the savings that can be achieved.”


The training programme comprised five modules, namely (Energy Foundation, n.d.):

  • Energy Management Options.

  • Energy Management Solutions for Buildings.

  • Energy Management Solutions for Industry.

  • Business Case for Energy Projects.

  • Renewable Energy.

The Energy Foundation (n.d.) underlines how that “the program was well advertised, and as such was very heavily subscribed by industry. In all, more than 200 managers from the public service, industry and commerce participated in the various training sessions. They acquired skills and techniques that would help them better identify, quantify and ably present bankable energy efficiency improvement opportunities to secure financing support from financial institutions. Implementation, management and monitoring techniques were also taught.”

No identified challenges.

According to a good practice case study by the Energy Foundation (n.d.), the Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company Ltd. is an example of a company that is takentakes energy management seriously and has achieved significant savings in energy cost. By initiating a power factor correction project at its factory, the company saved #GHS 38.17 million (US$D 1 = GHS #3,500) in energy costs in 1999 and faced covered a payback period of just 5 months. On a monthly basis, the savings corresponded to 36 percent percent of the company’s electricity bill. The ultimate benefit is that the company will havehas a competitive edge in its product market.


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