Certification for Energy-Efficient Products Program
Policy measure

The Certification for Energy-Efficient Products Program is a voluntary program primarily financed by the private sector and implemented by the Certification Centre for Energy Conservation Products (CCECP).

The aim of the project is to stimulate manufacturers to produce more resource efficient products, thereby saving energy and reducing emissions. (APERC, 2011)


The programme initially only targeted residential refrigerators, but soon expanded to more than 90 product categories covering appliances, lighting, electronic, office equipment, industrial products, water-saving products, and environment-friendly products. (APERC, 2011)

No identified challenges.

According to APERC (2011), the programme is expected to “help encourage consumers to use energy-efficient products as well as encourage the promotion of energy-efficient products and technological progress”.


APERC (Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre), 2011. Compendium of Energy Efficiency Policies of APEC Economies – China. Tokyo. Available at: www.ieej.or.jp/aperc/CEEP/China.pdf.