The Environmental Compliance Office
Policy measure

According to the Federation of Egyptian Industries (2002), it established the Environmental Compliance Office (ECO) in 2002 with the help of Danida funding, COWI and the Danish Technological Institute. ECO is a consulting unit which provides environmental services to SMEs which are members of the Federation of Egypt Industries (FEI). Moreover, ECO aims to link together members of FEI, the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, donors, R&D organizations and consulting firms. The primary industrial sectors of interest are textiles, food, engineering, metallurgy and chemicals.

One of ECO’s principal goals is to demonstrate that enterprises can improve their environmental performance and achieve economic benefits at the same time. The dissemination of experience from specific industries is therefore highly prioritized. ECO’s mission is to “promote sustainable application of Cleaner Production (CP) and energy efficiency in order to increase the productivity of Egyptian industry and reduce risks to people and the environment” (FEI, 2002).


“An extensive communication strategy and action plan has been carried out, encompassing press media coverage, seminars, awareness training, advertisements, magazines, brochures and a video” (COWI, 2011)

No identified challenges.

ECO expects the following outcomes to be achieved (FEI, 2002):

  • Encourage industry’s compliance with environmental legislations.
  • Promote environmental investments.
  • Improve the occupational health and safety situation in enterprises.
  • Improve work conditions for women.
  • Create export opportunities for clients. At present, the focus is on the chemical, engineering, food, foundry and textile sectors.

According to COWI (2011), “just under 50 enterprises in five different sectors have received Danida loans to implement cleaner technology and energy efficient solutions. These solutions are show-cases for other companies in their sectors.”


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