Supporting Implementation of the National Energy Efficiency Programme
Policy measure

According to APERC (2009), the technical assistance programme Supporting implementation of the National Energy Efficiency Programme was approved by the Asian Development Bank in 2007. The aim of the programme is to promote energy conservation and to establish energy efficient best practices in the Vietnamese industry (ADB, 2011).

The total cost of the programme has been estimated at USD 1.16 million equivalent.

The ADB anticipates that the programme will enhance the role of the private sector to complement public sector operations in the areas of energy efficiency and conservation. ADB’s ultimate goal is to assist the Ministry of Industry in reducing energy consumption in large industrial factories by 5 percent in 2010 and by 8 percent in 2015 (ADB, 2011).


The programme comprises five components of technical assistance to the Ministry of Industry (APERC, 2009; ADB, 2011):

  • Designing and conducting a survey of energy consumption in industrial enterprises, and on this basis formulate energy efficiency plans for some of the country’s most energy intensive industries.  

  • Designing and developing a training programme for energy managers in industrial factories.

  • Conducting energy audits of selected or voluntary large industrial companies.

  • “Upgrading the capacity of existing energy centers into professional ESCOs.

  • Devising a mechanism for financing energy conservation plans for industrial enterprises.” (APERC, 2011)

No identified challenges.

The following outcomes had been identified as of 2007 (ADB, 2011):

  • “Training materials have been prepared and pilot trainings conducted. The materials are well accepted among the industrial energy managers.

  • Survey of 60 industrial enterprises is ongoing. Database is being set up. Survey analysis will be carried out to identify energy consumption patterns of the major energy consuming industries.

  • Initial market investigation was carried out. Consultants are working on the estimation of energy market in Viet Nam and mechanism for financing energy efficiency projects.”

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