National Programme for the Rational Use of Oil Products and Natural Gas (CONPET)
Policy measure

According to the World Resource Institute’s SD-PAMs Database (2011), the National Programme for the Rational Use of Oil Products and Natural Gas (CONPET) is an “umbrella legislation for a variety of projects aimed at reducing losses and eliminating waste in energy production and use, encouraging the adoption of more energy efficient technologies and delay the need for new investment in electrical stations and oil refineries.” The programme targets the industry and other sectors, and applies the following measures: setting of energy efficiency indexes, review of technical standards, demonstration of incentives to reduce fuel consumption and increase of public awareness of energy efficiency. Moreover, the programme is designed to promote the rational use of oil products, and is managed by the Brazilian multinational energy corporation PETROBRAS, which provides technical, administrative and financial resources (ECLAC, 2010).


At present, CONPET focuses its efforts on activities in the areas of education and labelling. In total, around 4.0 million reales were spent in 2008, primarily from PETROBRAS funds (ECLAC, 2010).


No identified challenges.


One outcome was measured in 2007, which showed that the CONPET sub-programme on education in energy use had already trained 2.3 million students in rational energy use, primarily on the issue of fuel use (ECLAC, 2010). In the long run, the programme’s objective is “to obtain a 25% gain in energy efficiency in the use of oil products and natural gas in the next 20 years without affecting the level or diversity of economic activity” (WRI, 2011).


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