Energy Management Training Program
Policy measure

According to the IEA Energy Efficiency Database (2011), the General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources, Survey and Development Administration (EIE) initiated the Energy Management Training Program for industrial establishments in 1997. The Program comprises lectures and practical applications of energy management methods. 


The Turkish Energy Efficiency Law requires energy managers of industrial plants which consume a minimum of 1,000 toe of energy per year and power plants with a minimum installed capacity of 100 MW to participate in the certified energy manager training programme (IEA, 2011).

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According to the IEA (2011), “approximately 1600 energy managers from 503 factories have been trained through courses offered as part of the program to date”. Since 2009, the training programme has also been conducted by authorized universities, professional chambers and energy efficiency consultancy companies.

Moreover, an additional four courses have been organized for the industrial sector since May 2009, resulting in the training and certification of an additional 117 industrial energy managers. In total, 1,300 industrial energy managers have to date been trained and certified in these additional courses by EIE (IEA, 2011).

Finally, the IEA (2011) reports that 100 factories out of those attending trainings up to 2006 (in total representing an energy consumption of 5 million toe) collectively saved 365,000 toe of energy as a result of the programme. This corresponded to around 1.3% of industrial sector energy consumption.

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