EIE (General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources, Survey and Development Administration) Information Activities
Policy measure

According to the IEA's Energy Efficiency Database (2011), the Turkish General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources, Survey and Development Administration (EIE) has regularly conducted informational activities to increase knowledge and public awareness.


According to the IEA (2011), the informational activities include training, preparation of materials, videos and posters, as well as national and international events (seminars, conferences, workshops, etc).

Additionally, the EIE, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Institution, the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges has annually organized so-called “Energy Efficiency Week” activities which cover various seminars and conferences related to improvements in energy efficiency in different sectors (IEA, 2011).

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, in cooperation with electric motor manufacturers and importers, as well as Organized Industrial Zones has initiated activities to improve the energy efficiency of electric motor systems. To achieve this, about 3,000 industrial plants were surveyed on the usage of efficient electrical motors in 2008. The responses from 500 industrial plants covering nearly 100,000 electric motors revealed that around 4300 GWh of savings potential in the industrial sector were identified (IEA, 2011).

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IEA (International Energy Agency), 2011. EIE Informational activities. Available at: www.iea.org/textbase/pm/?mode=pm&id=1819&action=detail.