Moldova Sustainable Energy Finance Facility (MOSEFF)
Policy measure

Moldova aims to address the country’s heavy reliance on energy imports and the increasing internal costs of energy, and therefore signed an agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in February 2010 channelling EUR 20 million to energy efficiency projects in Moldova via the Moldova Sustainable Energy Finance Facility (MOSEFF). The implementation of the credit line will be supported by EU grants of up to EUR 6.06 million (INOGATE, 2010).


According to INOGATE (2010), the MOSEFF funds will be divided into two different main areas. Approximately EUR 2 million will be allocated to project preparation, technical assistance to promote supplier networks, awareness raising and capacity building in banks and end-borrowers. Approximately EUR 4 million will be allocated to performance fees for the participating banks and investment incentives at the end-borrower level to address barriers to energy lending in the market.

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INOGATE, 2010. Launch of MoSEFF. Energy Cooperation between the EU, the Littoral States of the Black & Caspian Seas and their Neighbouring Countries. Available at: