Enabling Framework for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency in the Indian SME Sector
Policy measure

“The Indian government has created an enabling framework for the promotion of energy efficiency in the SME sector. Policies have been put in place at central and state levels to encourage the development of new/improved energy efficiency technology and practices.

Yet, it remains a challenge to translate these policies into actual action at the cluster and unit level. Even where such energy efficiency options are accessible or made available at cluster level, their uptake is hindered by the fact that there is lack of capacity at the ‘cutting edge’ of technology delivery and support services. For instance, an energy efficiency technology may be developed and demonstrated in an SME cluster and its benefits proven (in terms of improved product quality, fuel savings, and better environmental performance) in the course of post-demonstration trials.” (Gielen, 2009)

Due to the lack of information on the implementation period, the most recent year has been applied.

No identified implementation measures.
No identified challenges.
No identified outcomes.

Gielen, D., 2009. Design of a Financing Instrument for Energy Efficiency and Renewables in Indian SMEs. Vienna: United Nations Industrial Development Organization.