Indonesia Eximbank to Mainstream Energy Efficiency Financing
Policy measure

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides financial support to Indonesia Eximbank to Mainstream Energy Efficiency Financing via the Financial Sector Devt Partnership Fund. Financing amounted to USD 350.000. (ADB, 2011)

“The Fund will facilitate the development of new financing instruments and related advisory services to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing and thus facilitate Indonesian exporters' compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 50001, introduced in June 2011, and energy conservation in Indonesia. The Fund will also improve the targeting of trade finance and insurance instruments for Indonesian small and medium-sized (SME) exporters.”


According to ADB (2011), the following activities have been implemented to reach the objectives of the Fund:

  • “Indonesia Eximbank expanding its export credit and insurance products and initiating energy efficiency finance.

  • Risk sharing agreements undertaken with 3-5 major commercial banks.

  • Indonesia Eximbank initiating a plan of accession to the Berne Union of international credit insurers.” 

No identified challenges.

Improved access to energy efficiency and ECA (Export Credit Agency) finance with insurance for exporting corporations and SMEs.


ADB (Asian Development Bank), 2011. Support to Indonesia Eximbank to Mainstream Energy Efficiency Financing: Indonesia. Available at: