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In 2009, the Russian-German Energy Agency Rudea was established to promote Russian energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Rudea was founded from the Russian Carbohydrate Fund and the German Energy Agency (dena), supported by the Russian Ministry of Energy as well as the Ministry for Economy and Business in Germany. (Rudea, 2012)

Rudea's goal is the implementation of energy efficiency technologies in all economic branches as well as a decrease in energy consumption in the Russian Federation. The projects are to outline potential energy savings in the housing, industrial and energy production sectors and implement renewable energy sources based on their economical benefit. (Rudea, 2012)

Rudea focuses in particular on the development of energy efficiency in industrial (aluminium and steal industry) and other companies (Rudea, 2012).


The main competences of Rudea are described as (Rudea, 2012):

  • System competence, i.e. comprehensive technological approach, and the development of certification instruments for market-oriented evaluation.

  • Market knowledge and -orientation, i.e. cooperation of administrative law and markets, market preparation for innovative standards and technologies and strong cooperation with all market players.

  • Knowledge and orientation for realization, i.e. know-how-transfer, strategic development of pilot projects, implementation of private-public-partnership-projects, and cooperation with regional competence networks.

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