Energy Efficiency in Industry Project Team
Policy measure

"In order to reinforce national capacity in the field of energy efficiency, the “Energy Efficiency in Industry Project Team” has hired international consultancies jointly with Tunisian consultancies to deliver 13 training sessions for over 200 senior and technical staff belonging to various operators and institutions involved in energy efficiency in industry (Energy Services Enterprises, relay experts, consultancies, industrial entities, Ministries, ANME, Tunisian Electricity and Gas Distribution Utility (STEG), Technical Centres, Credit Institutions, Insurance Companies)." (ANME, 2012)

Due to the lack of information on the implementation period, the most recent year has been applied.


The training sessions were as follows (ANME, 2012):

  • "Training of Technical Centres: The topic of these training sessions for Technical Centres was monitoring and evaluation of energy efficiency projects. Engineers and staff belonging to Technical Centres, ANME and STEG participated in the training sessions organised in 2006.

  • Training of Energy Services Enterprises: Over forty participants (Consultancies, Authorised Auditors, Experts in Energy Consultancy and Coaching Services, STEG, ANME, SOTUGAR . . .) attended the training sessions intended for Energy Services Enterprises.

  • Training of financial institutions: Representatives of financial institutions (Banks, Leasing Firms, Ministry of Finance, Insurance Companies) attended training sessions on financing energy efficiency projects in the industrial sector."

No identified challenges.
No identified outcomes.

ANME (L’Agence Nationale pour la Maitrise de l’Energie), 2012. Organisation and delivery of training in the field of energy efficiency in industry. Available at: