Energy Efficiency S&L in Indonesia
Policy measure

According to ICF (2011), Indonesia has the following initiatives for energy efficiency standard and labelling (S&L):

  • “In 2008, Indonesia launched a voluntary energy labeling program. CFLs were the first labeled product. According to its roadmap, the labeling program intends to cover televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, ballasts, and washing machines in the next several years.

  • Indonesia has some Minimum Energy Performance Standards MEPs for electrical appliances based on the Standard National Indonesia (SNI) and other technical standards on energy performance testing standards (EPTS) for electrical appliances.

  • Additional energy efficiency standards on electrical appliances are in development. But to-date, Indonesia has not yet introduced mandatory energy labels.”

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ICF International, 2011. Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling in Asia. Available at: