973 Programme
Policy measure

The National Basic Research Programme, also called the 973 Programme, was initiated in 1997 and focused primarily on energy, natural resources conservation, and environmental protection (WRI, 2009).

"During the 11th Five Year Plan period, the 973 Program’s energy focus and financing targets, among other topics, key scientific issues related to energy efficiency improvement." (WRI, 2009)    


According to WRI (2009), "the program supported 382 projects [between 1998 and 2008], with a total funding level of 8.2 billion Yuan of which 28% went to energy, natural resources conservation and environmental protection" (WRI, 2009).

No identified challenges.
No identified outcomes.
WRI (World Resource Institute), 2009. An Emerging Revolution: Clean Technology Research, Development and Innovation in China. Washington, DC.