Don Emilio Abello Energy Efficiency Awards
Policy measure

“In recognition of the private sector’s effort to promote and implement energy conservation programs, the Don Emilio Abello Energy Efficiency Awards are presented to private companies that make significant improvements in their energy consumption patterns.” (APERC, 2010)

According to the Philippine Department of Energy (2010), “the awards are given to outstanding companies and energy managers who have undertaken or are responsible in implementing energy efficiency and conservation programs to achieve substantial savings in their energy consumption.”

The Award is granted during the National Energy Consciousness Month Celebration every December (DOE, n.d.).


Candidates for the Award must have submitted energy consumption reports which are subsequently evaluated. “The award is given to a company or an establishment from the industrial, transport, commercial building sectors who in one way or the other through the application of appropriate technologies and measures have been able to reduce their energy consumption without sacrificing their business productivity.” (DOE, n.d.)

All applicant companies/establishments must have a minimum energy consumption of one million liters oil equivalent annually equivalent to 4.000 GWh per year” (DOE, n.d.).

“A Technical Evaluation Committee evaluates the candidates/nominees based on Sets of Criteria and recommends for approval the nominees to the Steering Committee of the Award. (DOE, n.d.)

No identified challenges.

In 2010, “58 different companies and 39 energy managers were awarded for leading energy conservation practices in the country while Award of Recognition were given to three entries to the ASEAN Best Practice Competition for Energy Management in Buildings and Industries. These companies accounted for the generated savings of 156.3 million liters of oil equivalent (LOE) and monetary savings of Php 4.9 billion. In addition, the generated savings led to 269.4 million kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission avoided.” (DOE, 2010)


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