Investment Support of the Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration
Policy measure

Energy efficiency measures in the Turkish industry are based on the 2007 Energy Efficiency Law and two related by-laws published in October 2008: the By-law on Improving Energy Efficiency for the Utilization of Energy Resources and Energy, and the by-law on Supporting Energy Efficiency of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Under this by-law, the Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration (EIE) provides investment support for energy efficiency projects. (IEA, 2009).   


The projects can have a maximum payback period of five years and the support covers at most 20 percent of eligible project costs up to a maximum of TRL 500000. The EIE will reimburse up to 20 percent of their energy costs (to a maximum of TRL 100000) for the first year in so far as an industrial establishment volunteers to reduce its energy intensity by 10 percent on average over three years. Request for project subsides and voluntary agreements are evaluated by expert commissions and approved by the Energy Efficiency Co-ordination Board (EECB).

According to IEA (2009), “TRL 5 million was allocated in financial support [in 2009], with TRL 4 million for improving the energy efficiency of electric motors, and TRL 1 million for projects improving energy efficiency. For 2010, TRL 5 million is allocated for financial support to energy efficiency improvements in industry.”

No identified challenges.

The following outcomes have been identified by IEA (2009):

  • “As of may 2009, 55 industrial establishments have applied for financial support for a total of 72 energy efficiency projects; these projects are expected to save some 16 ktoe of energy.

  • 24 industrial plants have applied to enter into voluntary agreements to reduce their energy intensity and 11 of them were selected for support under voluntary agreements.

  • Recently, the EECB has decided to grant financial support for 17 energy efficiency projects of 12 industrial establishments.”


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