Climate Investment Funds
Policy measure

Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) offer interim support to developing countries’ mitigation and adaptation efforts, while international climate summits iron out the exact mechanism of the promised global adaptation fund. Donor countries have pledged US$ 6.5 billion to the CIFs to help 45 developing countries embark on initiatives on clean energy, sustainable management of forests, and low-carbon climate-resilient development.” (SciDevNet, 2011)

One of the donor countries is India, whose investment plan received a USD 775 million loan, by far the largest sum approved to date. A large share of the loan will be spend to kick-start the Super-Efficient Energy Program (SEEP) Initiative, which is partly to be used to subsidize the manufacture of energy efficient devices such as ceiling fans, lighting, television sets and refrigerators, and enhance the cost effectiveness of improvements in energy efficiency in large industries and facilities. “The loan awarded to India will also help improve energy efficiency in large industries, facilitate the transfer of solar technology and increase hydropower”. (SciDevNet, 2011)

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