Russian Sustainable Energy & Carbon Finance Facility
Policy measure

According to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) (2010), the Bank is “considering a USD 300 million framework facility under which the EBRD would extend credit lines to Participating Banks (PBs) for on-lending to private sector industrial companies for energy efficiency investments. It is envisaged that 4-5 Russian private banks will participate under the framework.”


The clients of the banks will be “Russian PBs which will on-lend the funds to industrial sub-borrowers planning to undertake sustainable energy investments in the private sector” (EBRD, 2010).

Otherwise, no detailed implementation measures have been identified.

No identified challenges.

“The project will help to overcome various barriers that hold back the smooth functioning of the energy conservation market in Russia. The financially intermediated model has proven successful in reaching a wide range of sub-borrowers in the industry sector thereby achieving strong impact on rational and sustainable energy utilization. The proposed project will result in positive demonstration effects of improved energy efficiency and building expertise among the PBs and sub-borrowers related to energy efficiency and carbon finance.” (EBRD, 2010)


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