DALKIA ESCO Multi Project Facility
Policy measure

In 1996, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development financed the DALKIA ESCO Multi Project Facility to provide a framework for the establishment, acquisition or expansion and operation of regional ESCOs in the Bank's countries of operations. Each ESCO was to provide a complete energy service through energy performance contracts, to enable clients in the public and private sectors to realize demand-side energy savings. (EBRD, 2010)

Total project cost was estimated at EUR 120 million over a four-year period. EBRD financing comes in the form of an equity and debt facility of up to USD 50 million (EUR 47.3 million) for investments in ESCOs (EBRD, 2010).

No identified implementation measure.
No identified challenges.

According to EBRD (2010), “the [DALKIA ESCO Multi Project Facility] promotes and facilitates the provision of private financing of energy performance services in the EBRD's countries of operations as well as the establishment of a replicable model for the rapid implementation of energy-saving projects. This addresses the urgent need for energy efficiency throughout the region.”


EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), 2010. DALKIA ESCO Multi Project Facility. Available at: www.ebrd.com/english/pages/project/psd/1999/3299.shtml.