Productivity and Energy Efficiency Training (PEET) Programme
Policy measure

“China Training Institute (CTI) is an ongoing independent project run by BSR, which started in 2004 and aims to help brand companies and their Chinese suppliers improve CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance and overall competitiveness through a wide range of Training, Roundtables, Salons and Long-term Training Programs” (CTI, 2010b). One of its areas of expertise is climate change and energy efficiency.


The Productivity and Energy Efficiency Training (PEET) Programme provided trainings for toy factories. The programme intended to reduce toy factories’ overtime by improving productivity and reducing energy consumption through the implementation of energy saving programmes (CTI, 2010a).


“This training project was designed to have the full procedure of training, including the pre-training needs survey through roundtable, the factory investigation to find the real problems, the classroom training, homework request, case studies and good practices sharing, etc. Through these process, we accompanied the experts had better understanding in the actual problems in toy industry and then adjusted the training content and methods, which gave the more impressive training to the participants and the whole program was proved to be effective with real impact by the factory improvement sharing.” (CTI, 2010a)

The closing seminar included the following component (CTI, 2010a) on ‘Energy saving policies introduction of Guang Dong Province’ which trained the participants in the following subjects:

  • The introduction of specific specific energy saving funds.

  • Promotion of energy saving technologies and products.

  • Tax policies of energy saving.

  • The government's buying of energy saving products.

  • The financial policies.

  • Costs.

  • Energy saving awards.

No identified challenges.
The seminar was closed and received positive feedback.

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