Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation up to the Year 2030
Policy measure

The Russian Energy Strategy up to 2030, adopted in August 2009, focuses on the development of energy market infrastructure and institutions including fair pricing (APERC, 2010).

According to the 2010 Seoul Summit (2011), “by the end of the first phase of the Strategy’s implementation (2013-2015) domestic gas and electricity markets will be completely liberalized. By 2030 the share of energy resources traded at exchanges is to be no less than 15-20%.

Moreover, the Russian Energy Strategy also “provides for development of mechanisms to minimize negative impacts caused by price growth on the most vulnerable groups of energy consumers, first of all, the impacts on household consumers.”


The component of fair pricing will be implemented through the elimination of cross-subsidies at all levels “and reduction of state regulation of natural monopolies’ prices, while maintaining socially significant categories for citizens’ maximum permissible share of energy expenses.” (APERC, 2010)

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