Performance Standards for High Energy Consuming Domestic Appliances
Policy measure

According to IEC (2008), an agreement between the Government of Ghana and the USA has been signed as enable the Alliance to Save Energy and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to assist the Ghana Energy Foundation in introducing Performance Standards for High Energy Consuming Domestic Appliances.

“The domestic appliances identified as candidates for efficiency labeling were refrigerators and deep freezers, room-air conditioners, lighting equipment [(CFL)] and motors designed to drive domestic appliances especially ceiling and standing fans and refrigeration equipment.” (IEC, 2008) 


“The labeling regime that was adopted for both the room air-conditioners and the lighting equipment (CFL) was identification by star rating: one to five stars with increasing number of stars designation representing more efficient appliance and yearly electrical energy consumption label was also to be attached by the manufacturer.

A successful implementation depended on a test laboratory to test the declared efficiency levels by manufacturers and suppliers.” (IEC, 2008) 


According to IEC (2008) the main problems with the successful application of the legislation with respect to lighting equipment (CFL) in Ghana are the illegal imports of unlabelled CFL’s and the prevalence of top rating on all traded lamps.


The adoption of efficiency labelling for room air-conditioners, CFLs, refrigerators and deep freezers was a success (IEC, 2008).

The advantages accruing to the Ghanaian economy resulting from the adoption of appliance efficiency labeling are (IEC, 2008):

  • The postponement in the investment of generation, transmission and distribution equipment, thus reducing the financial burden on the economy.

  • The economy can possibly benefit from the Global Fund for reduction in CO2 emissions which substantially contributes to global warming.


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