Malaysian Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project (MIEEIP)
Policy measure

According to van den Akker (2008), the Malaysian Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project (MIEEIP) was initiated by the Government of Malaysia in 1999 to improve energy efficiency in Malaysia’s industrial sector. The implementing agency of the project was the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on behalf of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The Pusat Tenaga Malaysia (PTM, Energy Centre) was appointed by the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications (MEWC) to implement the project on its behalf. Funding and support for the programme is provided by the GEF, UNDP, the Government of Malaysia and the private sector.

The objectives of the MIEEIP are to be achieved through eight project components (van den Akker, 2008):

  1. Energy Use Benchmarking Program.

  2. Energy Auditing Program.

  3. Energy Rating Program.

  4. Energy Efficiency Promotion Program.

  5. ESCO Support Program.

  6. Energy Technology Demonstration Program.

  7. Local Energy Efficient Equipment Manufacturing Support Program and a Financial Institutions Participation Program.


“The project incorporates measures for capacity strengthening and a demonstration incentive scheme. MIEEIP initially focussed on eight energy-intensive industries (wood, rubber, food, ceramics, glass, pulp & paper, iron & steel and cement). During project implementation, three other sub-sectors were later added (plastics, textile and oleo-chemical).” (van den Akker, 2008)

No identified challenges.

At the end of the project, it is expected that the following outcomes will have been achieved (van den Akker, 2008):

  • Establishment and publication of (subsectoral) energy benchmarks.

  • Promotion of energy auditing as an effective tool for energy management.

  • Energy rating programmes for energy efficient equipment.

Overall, it is expected that Malaysia will have a foundation for continued efforts to capture the energy efficiency potential within the industry sector by the end of the project (van den Akker, 2008).


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