Peruvian Government Agencies for Energy Efficiency
Policy measure

According to ECLAC (2010), the following governmental agencies for energy efficiency have been established in Peru:

  • The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MIMEM) is the state authority which promotes energy efficiency “with the authority to design, promote, coordinate and implement programs and projects with other sectors, consumer organizations and businesses”.

  • The General Electricity Directorate (DGE) develops energy efficiency activities in Peru.

  • Several other energy efficiency stakeholders are mentioned in the Benchmark Plan on Efficient Energy Use. Other public sector stakeholders include the Ministry of Education, Development Finance Corporation (COFIDE), the Regulatory Agencies in the Energy and Mining Sector (OSINERGMIN) and the Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation (APCI).

Due to the lack of information on the implementation period, the most recent year has been applied.

No identified implementation measures.
No identified challenges.
No identified outcomes.

ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), 2010. Energy efficiency in Latin America and the Caribbean: situation and outlook. Chile: Santiago.