Sectoral Directorate of Energy
Policy measure

According to ECLAC (2010), the Sectoral Directorate of Energy (DSE), part of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), is the leading organization in energy planning for decision-making in the energy sector in Costa Rica. The general objective of the DSE is to “formulate and promote comprehensive energy planning”. The actions of the DSE is closely linked to the aims of the National Energy Plan and enforces and evaluates the policies of the plan itself and the initiatives taken to ensure that the plan is effectively implemented.” (ECLAC, 2010).

Due to the lack of information on the implementation period, the most recent year has been applied.


The objective of the National Energy Plan is supported by the DSE through its activities covering, e.g., the conduct of energy studies and assessments for decisions related to the energy sector’s planning and development, development and maintenance of an information system supporting energy planning and development in the sector, promotion of the rational use of energy by creating the mechanisms required to execute action in this area (ECLAC, 2010).


ECLAC (2010) highlights that the effective role of the DSE in energy efficiency is potentially significant, as the issue is important to the country’s energy planning. However, the DSE does not have efficiency specialists, which makes it difficult to expand specific energy efficiency projects and activities.


Principal outcomes of the Directorate’s activities have been the development of the National Energy Plan, preparation of comprehensive energy studies and assessments facilitating decisions regarding the sector’s planning and development and setting the energy pricing policy in Costa Rica (ECLAC, 2010).


ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), 2010. Energy efficiency in Latin America and the Caribbean: situation and outlook. Chile: Santiago.