E+Co Sub-Saharan Modern Energy Fund
Policy measure

The REEP (Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership) established the investment fund E+Co Sub-Saharan Modern Energy Fund in 2007 to invest USD 12 million in 76 clean energy SMEs in Ghana, Mali and Senegal. The Fund was set to replicate and scale up E+Co’s existing activities in an efficient manner.

No identified implementation measures.
No identified challenges.

The expected outcomes of the Fund were (REEEP, 2011):

  • Provide 3.191.489 people with access to energy.
  • Offset 2.112.676 tonnes of CO2 (annually).
  • Mobilize USD 120.000.000 in third party capital.

Moreover, the Fund expected to include neighbouring African countries in the scope of the Fund after about two years once it was successful, and replicate this first-time fund in other E+Co regions, especially in Mekong and South America, and share lessons learned with the wider network of REEEP and other stakeholders.


REEP (Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership), 2011. E+Co Sub-Saharan Modern Energy Fund. Available at: www.reeep.org/index.php?assetType=project&assetId=28.