National Energy Savings Fund
Policy measure

The National Energy Savings Fund (FNME) includes several governmental subsidies which are available to companies for the mandatory energy audits and for energy efficiency project implementations.


These include: (i) energy audits (70 percent of the cost of the audit with a limit of DNT 30,000); (ii) demo projects (50 percent of the cost with a limit of DNT 100,000); (iii) subsidy of 20 percent of cost of the internal connection to the natural gas network and the conversion of equipment to natural gas with a limit of DNT 400,000. (ANME, 2009)

Moreover, according to Amous (2007), “gas prices will be supported to promote more general use of gas in all sectors and throughout the country. The support to natural gas has a direct impact on electricity prices since electricity in Tunisia is essentially supplied by gas-powered plants.”

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Amous, Samir, (2007). Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies. Tunisia – National Study Summary. Mediterranean and National Strategies for Sustainable Development. Plan Bleu. Regional Activity Center. Available at: