On Energy Conservation and Increase of Energy Efficiency (FLEC IEE)
Policy measure

In November 2009, a new federal law, On Energy Conservation and Increase of Energy Efficiency (FLEC IEE), was adopted, which became effective on 1 January 2010.  In  addition,  a number of draft  laws  amending  existing  laws  and  technical  regulations  are currently being developed to supplement the new law. Their purpose is to create opportunities for energy conservation, enhanced utilization of renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements. (APERC, 2010)

The legal framework introduces specific measures, including the introduction of incentives  and tax benefits for heavy industry to replace highly energy-inefficient technologies with  advanced and more energy-efficient technologies. (APERC, 2010)


According to APERC (2010), Article 27 of Chapter 8 of FLEC ICC, specifies how economic entities in the Russian Federation can qualify for government support to develop energy efficient technologies as well as energy saving procedures and measures in their production. If they have successfully introduced such technologies and measures, they can also apply for various financial benefits and privileges and will also have a right to internalize their energy saving costs in the prices and tariffs of their products, goods, and services for the amount and period determined by the law. 

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APERC (Asian Pacific Energy Research Centre), 2010. Compendium of Energy Efficiency Policies of APEC Economies - Russian Federation. Available at: www.ieej.or.jp/aperc/CEEP/Russia.pdf.