Energy Efficiency Fund
Policy measure

According to enerCEE (2011), energy-related funds and programmes in Moldova are primarily linked to the Energy Efficiency Fund. According to the Law on Renewable Energy, the Fund was to be created by the end of 2008 and be an independent and financially autonomous legal body, was to hold settlement accounts in banking institutions, have its stamp, etc.


The Fund’s main activity is the management of finances with a view to promoting the funding of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in compliance with state strategies and programmes for the development of these fields (enerCEE, 2011).

The Fund’s financial resources derive from the Government of Moldova, from donations of physical and legal entities from the State of Moldova or abroad, including international financial institutions and funds, financial revenues from interests as well as loans or other financial instruments employed exclusively for the development of the Fund’s objectives (enerCEE, 2011).

The Fund’s financial resources shall be exclusively used to finance investment projects for EE and renewable energy, to offer guarantees for loans allocated by financial and crediting institutions for investment projects with a view to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Moldova, to cover the Fund’s own costs approved by the Administration Board of the Fund, including the services rendered by the Fund’s administrator and the Fund’s financial audits. Technical assistance will also be one of the Fund’s tasks in the projects (enerCEE, 2011).

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