Bolivian Institute of Standardization and Quality (IBNORCA)
Policy measure

In Bolivia, the development of labels and standards is carried out by the Bolivian Institute of Standardization and Quality (IBNORCA) which was established in 2006. According to ECLAC (2010), the Institute’s work is still in its infancy.


The areas covered are incandescent bulbs, circular and tubular compact fluorescent bulbs, refrigerators, freezers and refrigerator-freezers, air conditioners and window types. Among these, standards have only been issued for light bulbs. The other appliances are at the labelling level (ECLAC, 2010). 


No identified challenges.


No identified outcomes.


ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), 2010. Energy efficiency in Latin America and the Caribbean: situation andoutlook. Chile: Santiago.