The Promotion of the Development of Energy Service Companies (ESCO)
Policy measure

According to NEEaP (2006), the Romanian government has undertaken efforts to develop ESCOs for the industry on a national level through a project entitled The Promotion of the Development of Energy Service Companies (ESCO)


Currently, ARCE advocates the development of ESCOs in Romania through seminars promoting legislation on efficient use of electricity by industrial companies. Also, analyses on the means to support programmes, such as white certificates, ESCOs and energy efficiency contracts and the drawing up of energy efficiency contracts as a means to support the activities of ESCOs is being carried out. Between 2008 and 2010, a legislative framework for the development of ESCOs was prepared (NEEAP, 2006; EESI, 2009).


In addition to the focus on efforts to promote ESCOs, the identification of barriers preventing ESCOs from achieving their full potential in the Romanian context is a priority, along with implementing measures to remove these barriers (NEEAP, 2006).


According to EESI (2009), the established ESCOs draw up and implement energy efficiency projects for a wide range of clients. The projects are designed so as to ensure a reduction of energy costs, the end result being that the subsequent savings will cover the entire costs of financing the project. Moreover, ESCOs offer “numerous advantages to their clients, such as guarantees as to the success of energy efficiency projects, the implementation of these projects while respecting the annual operating budget set by the beneficiary, and flexible methods of financing” (EESI, 2009).


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