Certification of NLMK’s Energy Management System
Policy measure

According to Finchannel (2010), Russia’s leading steelmaker, NLMK, plans to certify its energy management system under the newly developed international ISO 50001 standard. The project forms part of a broader initiative by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to promote energy efficiency in Russia's industry. An agreement was signed in December 2007 that the EBRDs first major energy efficiency project would take place in the Russian steel sector. Overall, the EBRD is raising EUR 125 million in long-term funding to finance key components of the energy efficiency programme at NLMK.   

No identified implementation measures.

According to the IFC (2008), “enterprises are often not motivated to undertake energy efficiency measures, even if those measures have proven to be successful elsewhere. [Energy Management Systems] are not very popular in Russia. Many companies do not want to lead the way in adopting a new product, technology or business culture. The cor-porate environment within a company can also deter energy efficiency. Many individuals within a company are hesitant to suggest energy efficient alternatives without the support of company leadership. Moreover, companies do not fully utilize efficient organizational structures, giving managers no motivation to endorse new ideas and new practices, like energy efficiency.”

No identified outcomes.

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