My Tortilla Programme
Policy measure

According to ECLAD (2010), a part of the so-called My Tortilla Programme is to train  managers and business leaders in the tortilla and corn meal industry. The general objective of the programme is “to support the modernization of the cornmeal and tortilla industry so that high operating costs will not raise the price of the final product”.


As part of the training, business owners participated in group training and “in situ” consultations to enable them “to make more informed decisions in adopting the administrative, business and technological improvements that will enhance the profitability and competitiveness of their businesses” (ECLAC, 2010).

No identified challenges.

In the cities of Chiapas, Colima, Guanajuato, Michoagan, Sinola and Tabasco, the training of managers in the My Tortilla Programme has begun. In other sectors, five workshops have been carried out and 203 professionals of the electro mechanical sector have received training on energy efficiency. (ECLAC, 2010)  


ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), 2010. Energy efficiency in Latin America and the Caribbean: situation and outlook. Chile: Santiago.