China Climate Change Training Initiative (CCCTI)
Policy measure

In 2008, the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) “launched the China Climate Change Training Initiative (CCCTI) with the goal of training and equipping Chinese executives to evaluate manage and report carbon in the supply chain. CCCTI covered the issues of climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency and green manufacturing etc.” (BSR, 2009)


According to BSR (2009), “the initiative included two workshops, two webinars and two targeted training sessions. The initiative has trained over 300 participants from 40 MNCs and their suppliers of electronics, apparel, textile, food and footwear.”

No identified challenges.

After the CCCTI, “companies that had successfully implemented energy efficiency programs had reduced energy usage cost by at least 20% and even up to 50%. The payback periods on certain technologies are as short as 1-2 years. [Moreover,] according to the survey at the end of the training, about 69% participating manufactures were willing to implement energy efficiency project in the next 6 months and 6% have already begun implementation. However, there are remaining barriers before the energy efficiency implementation and most responded companies said they need further training and introduction to technical experts.”(BSR, 2009)


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