Decree No.° 2004-2144
Policy measure

According to Law No. 2004-72 and implementation Decree No. 2004-2144, energy audits are a means to diagnose energy consumption in an institution, and such audits based on investigations, studies and controls aimed at evaluating the given institution’s level of energy performance, analyse the causes of any deficiencies and propose corrective actions. Entities required to conduct an energy audit are those that belong to the industrial sector and whose total annual energy consumption is equal to or more than 1000 toe (ANME, 2011).   


According to Decree No. 2004-2144, entities that plan to implement energy consuming projects must conduct a mandatory prior assessment which comprises procedures similar to those of an energy audit (ANME, 2011).

According to ANME (2011), “any entity, not subjected to energy audit, which undertakes extension works leading to an increase in their total energy consumption such as to exceed the thresholds of liability specified above, must inform thereof ANME within a time period not exceeding three months as from the date of completion of the extension works (Art. 17)“.

No identified challenges.

ANME (2011) reports that there are 320 industrial entities subjected to the mandatory and periodical energy audit, in total comprising 75 percent of industrial enterprises. The rate of implementation is around 60-70 percent, as a fund is available to support part of the energy efficiency improvements. 


Agence Nationale pour la Maîtrise de l’Energie (ANME) (2011). Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector. Available at: