Recognition programs has proven an effective way to encourage firms to adopt industrial energy efficiency practices and technologies. Recognition programs (contests, awards, media exposure, recognition certificates) reward firms that implement industrial energy efficiency or other energy-savings solutions. These programs can be effective motivators and promote positive perceptions of industrial energy efficiency by highlighting potential benefits and publicizing successful outcomes.

Pursuing rewards for competitive advantage can embed pursuit of energy efficiency in an organization’s culture. Energy awards provide a channel for companies to audit their energy use, identify possible energy savings and increase profitability. Recognition programs are an attractive policy option because the awards are performance-based; the investment necessary is low; and the potential for stimulating future energy savings is high.

Recognition programs can inform policy-makers of successful national and regional options, lessons that are frequently integrated into policy. Publicizing the successes of recognition programs can motivate companies to comply with industrial energy efficiency policies and programs. Even if standards are voluntary, the incentive to comply is strong because an enterprise’s failure to do so will be made public.