The Promotion of the Development of Energy Service Companies (ESCO)

According to NEEaP (2006), the Romanian government has undertaken efforts to develop ESCOs for the indust...

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UNIDO’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Policy (IEEP) Database offers access to information on energy-related policy measures implemented or planned to improve energy efficiency on a national, regional or global basis.

The IEEP Database is based on information collected by UNIDO from multiple sources including international organizations, national government and private companies. Focus is paid to specifically developing countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, China, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Please note the IEEP Database is not exhaustive. If you believe information is missing or not accurate, please help us to improve the quality of this service by contacting us or filling out the policy submission form.

Did You Know...

…that global industrial energy intensity dropped some 25 percent over 1990–2000, but stabilized more recently at around 0.35 toe per $1,000 of manufacturing value added?

…that industrial energy intensity has been inversely related to national income since 1990. On average over 1990–2008, developed countries had the lowest energy intensity (0.2 toe per $1,000), and low-income developing countries had the highest (2.2 toe per $1,000).
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The UNIDO Industrial Energy Efficiency Policy Database was officially launched at the release of UNIDO’s flag report Industrial Development Report 2011 in Shanghai November 14th.

Industrial Energy Efficiency is the main theme of UNIDOs Industrial Development Report 2011.